Wind measurements

Information ­VMC (visual and measuring control) scheme.

Every isolated township has its own climate and geographical peculiarities. That is why JCS Mobile Energy is carrying out massive data collection at potential building sites.

International standards of engineering wind power stations (IEC 61400-1, IEC 61400-12, IEC 61400-13, IEC 61400-14 and others) require a one year cycle of wind measurement to be conducted, prior to construction, in order to find out the optimal scheme for placement and construction of wind power stations.

Wind measurement complexes consist of 35-40 meter high towers fitted with transducers and sensors. These complexes measure 6 main parameters at various heights: wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and solar activity. This information is transferred automatically to JCS Mobile Energy’s company specialists. Computer generated simulations are then generated based on these results.

Analyzing the data received from wind measurement complexes allows the profitability of future wind power mills to be estimated. This analysis is also useful in locating optimal construction sites and in making the right technical decisions necessary for any given site.