Construction accessibility

JCS Mobile Energy pays special attention to logistic and construction technologies due to the poor infrastructure development of the isolated and inaccessible areas of Far East and High North.

For this reason, for the first time, the company has implemented self-elevation technology into the windmills. These wind generators are constructed on the ground in a horizontal position. Once construction is completed, with the help of a built-in hoist, these mills are lifted into their final vertical positions.

Main advantages of self-elevated WDPP:

Construction can be performed without heavy equipment (which can be physically absent in the region)

There is also no need for heavy construction equipment during maintenance services and equipment repair. All maintenance can be carried out on the ground by lowering the wind generator.

Wind generators can be intentionally lowered into their horizontal positions in case of critical weather conditions (wind speed more than survival speed of WDPP)

Only one person is required for the raising and lowering process. The transition of WDPP from horizontal to vertical position takes one hour.

Today JCS Mobile Energy sees great potential for self-elevate technology usage in wind power generation in isolated areas of Far East and High North.