The automatic control system of wind-diesel farms (ACS WDF) is a unique hardware and software system made by JCS Mobile Energy as a part of its research and development works.

ACS WDF are primarily used for the effective management of the energy complex, which consists of diesel energy generation, wind energy generation, synchronous condensing and ballast load systems, communication, telemonitoring and others.

JCS Mobile Energy’s private ACS WDF allows wind-diesel farms to react to even the slightest changes in energy production and consumption.

Main characteristics of ACS WDF:

Maximum use of wind potential with minimum fuel expenses.

Implementation of different working parameters in response to various weather and use conditions.

Connection to the central heating system (accumulation of excess energy into heat)

Remote access and management (via Internet)

ACS WDF was developed in Moscow and tested on a specially made simulation model of wind-diesel complexes, which simulates the energy systems of remote townships

Other advantages of JCS Mobile Energy’s private ACS WDF:

Adjustment to the Arctic work conditions (ACS WDF was tested on a simulation model with scenarios built on results from wind measuring complexes in the Arctic)

100% Russian language support of interface and ease of operation.