Arctic solutions

JCS Mobile Energy has a unique experience of development and implementation wind-energy projects in Arctic zone. This experience consists of the following aspects:

Estimation of arctic townships’ potential for the wind-diesel complex building

Conduction of wind measuring in Arctic (the company uses 6 wind measuring complex in Arctic zone)

Engineering of wind energy mills for the Arctic climate

Adaptation of the wind generation equipment to the Arctic conditions

Building and implementation of wind mills in Arctic zone and North

By virtue of fundamental improvements wind generators Vergnet and Micon were adapted to the extreme climate conditions (implemented in township Ust-Kanchakstkiy Kamchatka krai, operation conditions up to -40 degrees Celsius and in township Labitnagi Yamalo-Nenets autonomus district, operation condition up to -50 degrees Celsius).

The main aims were to increase a resistance to the temperature ratio (amplitude more the 80 degrees Celsius) and to decrease dependence on icing and snow adherence.

Despite that JCS Mobile Energy has two product samples for North and Arctic conditions. The company is going to continue collaboration in build up new climate model for Arctic zone with leading global WDPP producers.