WDPP Labitnangi

In the 4th quarter of 2013 WDPP was commissioned in the town of Labitnangi.

Main characteristics of the WDPP:

Installed capacity: 250kW
Tower’s height: 30m
Wind turbine caliber: 26m
Cut-in-wind speed: 3.5 m/s
Maximum speed: 25 m/s
Survival speed: 50 m/s
Manufacturer: OOO “Tulganskiy elektromechanicheskiy zavod”

This WDPP is adapted to the Arctic conditions (rated to -50 degree Celsius). For this, JCS Mobile Energy has developed complex equipment improvements for this system.

Expected annual production of WDPP is 545 000 kW. Payback time – 10 years. Expected service life is more than 20 years. WDPP User the affiliate of JCS Mobile Energy DPS “Labitnangi”

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Main isolated power center characteristics of the town Labitnangi

Town: Labitnangi
66°39′00″north latitude 66°24′00″eastern longitude
Population: 26 300
Consumer load max: 28mkW
Consumer load min: 7.5mkW
Installed capacity DPS: 73mkW
Potential diesel energy production substitution: 0.4%/td>

The WDPP 250kW installed in the town of Labitnangi is an experimental unit. Experience, acquired during the WDPP’s construction, will be further implemented in the construction of new projects in the Arctic zone.