Wind-diesel hybrid power system in Tiksi

In 3Q 2017, company launched a construction of a wind power plant with a total capacity of 0.9 MW in arctic port Tiksi. The pilot operation of the wind turbines started in 2018. At this stage, the wind farm operates in parallel with the existing diesel power plant (DPP). It supplies electricity to the village with a population of 4,600 people. In 2019, a new diesel power plant and a system of power storage will be commissioned.

Wind turbines key figures:

Total installed capacity 900 kW
Tower height 41.5 m
Rotor diameter 33 m
Minimum wind speed 3 mps
Maximum wind speed 25 mps
Survival speed 70 mps
Manufacturer Komaihaltec Inc

Wind turbines are designed to work in a cold climate conditions.

The main characteristics of an isolated power district Tiksi

71°38'15” N 128°51'52″ E
Population 4600 people
Power demand max 5320 KW
Power demand min 990 kW
DPP total installed capacity 9,6 MW
The economy of diesel fuel after implementation of RES project (forcast) 534 tonnes per annum